Inner Freedom Process

Inner Freedom is a 2-day journey into freedom. When suffering dissolves freedom is present. Inner Freedom is an experience of being fully present and experiencing life in all its glory. Awakening to inner freedom opens up higher realms of consciousness and transcendental states in us. This transforms our experience of life and the world around us. We can then begin our journey from separation to oneness. The state of inner freedom is a "happening" that we will prepare for during the workshop.

Redefining Success

“Success is a consciousness. It's more than an outcome. It's an experience of creation and life. Its a experience of inclusion and contribution. Its not what we have been programmed to believe.”

Redefining success is a 2 day workshop on transforming our consciousness related to success and abundance.

Once this state of consciousness awakens in us we become a magnet for all good things. Life moves into abundance. Success is NOT just about work. It is includes our relationships, our life and our experiences also. Right now we pursue success as a goal. As a result most often we experience stress and fear. We perceive challenges as threats and lack proper wisdom to handle life's movement. This entire pursuit of success is embedded in a consciousness of lack and self-obsession.Success Consciousness is rooted in connection and is vast. It is abundant. When we operate from success consciousness we experience peace, connection, fulfillment, gratitude and a lot of synchronicities. Our work becomes rich in quality and performance.Our focus isn't merely one goal but the entire experience.

True Connection

This 2-day workshop connects us to the flow of life and helps us understand what connection really is. We live life from a state of disconnection most of the time. This is because we live life in a state of consciousness that does not know it is disconnected. We keep spinning in this loop not knowing how to come out of it completely. The way out is quite simple. As is Life. Connection is purpose of Life. It adds such a beautiful flavor to our experience of all around us. The doorway into connection is beautiful. It is a consciousness that once anchored will awaken Divine flow in our lives. We are one being living as many. But we think we are many beings. We think we are separated from the other. Some of us know we are in separation but we don't know how to come out of it.

YOU WILL LEARN A WAY OUT OF SEPERATION INTO CONNECTION IN THIS WORKSHOP. When we learn to truly connect with self, others and life our bond to the Presence becomes titanium strong. This state is an aspect of Presence. This state is the gateway for serene calm, freedom from worry, equanimity and love.

Presence & I

2-Day workshop : More info coming soon