What People Are Saying

"I spent most of my life stuffing all my emotions because I didn't know what to do with them, not wanting to feel too much. My inner dialogue was filled with constant self-criticism and I chose to not connect too deeply with others and to live a life of super independence. During one of Niki's courses I saw clearly that my mind was separate from the "real" me and the emotions, scenarios and thoughts it was conjuring up within me weren't anything more than the rantings of a self-centered child. Suddenly I wasn't being triggered by people, I watched the mindplay with humour, and began staying in the moment with deeper connection to my self and others. I have a new sense of self-love and in turn my relationships have also flourished. The courses have a deep and lasting effect - causing permanent shifts into higher states of well-being and consciousness. " - Sue W.

"Take this workshop if you are ready to blow away your false concepts and beliefs! You will have direct experience of your deepest self. You will learn tangible tools to live life free of suffering and thus inner freedom!" - Mary V., NM

"Niki is an amazing leader. Her presence, compassion, peace and deep respect for each of us and all of life make the experience so easy and loving. What a gift!" - Mary V.

"This workshop gave me some of the most valuable information in my 50 years towards enlightenment. I recommend you do this as soon as possible!" - Nan N., NM