Mentorship Programs

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Passion Driven Mentorship:

This mentorship program is designed to support those who are driven by their passion. It is a useful program for CEOs, Leaders of organizations, wealth generators, visionaries and influencers. These are people who follow their passion and have the ability to create impact on many lives. When passion is the driving force in one's life, spiritual journey has a very different focus. Passion is the fuel that guides this seeker.

Often people who are driven by passion keep facing obstacles or high levels of stress in their endeavors. They experience conflict or resistance. Often tools to move out of such situations are not easily accessible. This happens because of the working of the mind, programs and limited consciousness. Once the programs, limitations, and blocks are cleared the pathway for their passion and vision becomes effortless. The vision becomes clearer and a higher intelligence takes over. In this state the ability to fulfill their mission on a grand scale is a lot more likely. Passion Driven visionaries have a role to play for the whole. Once they access inner freedom they are able to do their work and impact lives with greater ease.

Through clear wisdom and processes the mentorship supports the participant in coming to deep realizations themselves. They are able to expand their consciousness and perceive situations in a new and clear way. The actions that come from this state are different and very powerful. The visionaries are then able to become very present and impactful leaders who hold a very expanded view.

This program is specifically designed to support visionaries and leaders to fulfill their mission impeccably and allow them to lead happy and fulfilling lives through Presence. This mentorship is created to birth heartfelt leaders.

The program supports the participants to

~ Connect with their passion clearly.
~ Identify & dissolve blocks that keep them from fulfilling their vision and passion
~ Allows the participants to expand their consciousness and create an effortless path to fulfilling their vision & passion.
~ Allows participants to become clear of the impact they wish to create and cultivate a higher consciousness that makes the impact truly powerful.
~ Helps fulfill the mission of the participant allowing them to create a remarkable destiny and legacy

Program Details:

This is a 12 week program. There are weekly one-on-one sessions where participants are supported by Niki Kapoor in their unique transformation journey. A clear plan is laid out for each participant and a clear vision is set for their transformation. Each program is created to suit the individual. For more information please email us.


Purpose Driven Mentorship:

This mentorship is designed for change-makers and seekers who are driven by their purpose. They have a clarity about their unique purpose and this is the focus of their live. Founders & board members of NGOs, change-makers, activists, professionals, spiritual teachers, small business owners, digital nomads are some of the people this program is designed for.

Having a sense of purpose isn't enough. If the inner world is not calm and programs are interfering with your ability to masterfully execute your vision of change then you need this program. The vision of this mentorship is to support the change-makers of this world in their journey to fulfill their mission with ease. It is designed to help leaders, boards of NGOs and others change makers to:

  • Remove limitations and dissolve stress.
  • They learn to work as a team and to lead in a connected way.
  • They learn to inspire from a connected consciousness.
  • They learn to master stress and demands of their work so they can attract support of the Universe.
  • They go from struggle to effortless execution.
  • They go from managing to nurturing their teams.
  • They go from struggling to transmit a message to inspiring hearts of the population.
  • They go from carrying the burden of solving a crisis to passionately co-creating inspired change.
  • In clarity a higher intelligence flows through us and intelligent action happens. This is an effortless state of happening and unfolding. The participants learn to dissolve suffering and stress within so they can access this state.
  • Once they participants know what causes them stress or limitations they are able to become free of stress easily and quickly.
  • Productivity and efficiency go up significantly through this process.
This 12-week program was inspired by a vision to help people who have a clear sense of purpose to overcome stress and suffering so they can do what they need to do effortlessly and effectively. This program includes 12 one-on -one sessions with Niki Kapoor. They work together to become clear of the purpose, the obstacles, the stressful states and roadblocks. Each program will be designed uniquely for each participant. The focus will be to help the participant fulfill their purpose with ease and an expanded state of consciousness so all flows effortlessly and the impact created is vast.

Group workshops available for organizations or groups. Please email us for more details.

Personal Transformation:

This mentorship is designed to support individual seekers in their personal transformation journey and awakening. It uses wisdom, processes and meditations to support the participants in seeing their truth and discovering inner freedom. This is a 12 week program. With 2 to 4 calls per month with Niki Kapoor. Participants get personalized attention and connection with Niki in going deep into their tranformation. This is a wisdom based program with the vision to empower the participants into their own realizations of the truth. This program will expand your consciousness and help you discover a more free inner state and a happy life.

In this program:

  1. Participants learn to see their inner truth
  2. See their limitations
  3. Work with wisdom and teachings to uncover workings of the mind and its traps
  4. Practice the formula for inner freedom
  5. Get support individually in their unique journey of awakening and life.