About Niki Kapoor

Niki is the developer and facilitator of Inner Freedom as well as Redefining Success.  Her approach to transformation is rooted in seeing the inner truth and connecting to our state of being. Niki's teaching style is simple, humorous and clear. Her work entails two components - Workings of the mind to decode suffering as well as consciousness transformation. She uses the connection to Presence to create this transformation.

Niki says:

"Present is the Presence. To be in present we need to see that we are not the mind and transform our consciousness. Right now we are lost in the mental noise so being present is a not an easy task. Seeing our Inner truth has the power to cut through the mind chatter and bring us to Presence. Having a strong connection to our higher self makes this journey with inner truth easier and faster."

She also believes that “Truth is simple. Mind is complicated. In freedom everything is simple. When we are in inner freedom we are Presence."

Niki's Journey:

After experiencing spontaneous awakenings in the last 15 years, Niki has been deepening her spiritual awakening last few years with her teachers. Taking this deep journey into the truth of the inner world opened the door to deeper wisdom, transcendental and enlightened states. She spent 4 years in retreat in Bali integrating the transformation experience and the wisdom.

Niki started facilitating wisdom based workshops after a series of profound transformation experiences. Moving from separation states to oneness states has been a life changing experience that she is now passionate about sharing with others. Niki understands what causes suffering and is easily able to move out of it, as well as support others to do the same.

Niki leads workshops in USA, Canada, Australia, Bali, India, Germany and Austria.

She lives in Bali and USA. She has cultivated a beautiful life from a beautiful inner state of being. A life that is rooted in connection to all around her and a deep concern for the well-being of all life forms.

Niki is also a business owner. She has developed and owns an all-natural skincare line Anaiya. Her experience of the mundane and the spiritual allows her to relate with and support the participants well.